Mengding Manlu brand creation perception: successful tea brands are long-term

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Ya ‘an Ganlu Tang tea industry – create China’s top ten famous tea mengding ganlu representative brand!Original is our unremitting pursuit, ganlutang public number is committed to digging deep the cultural connotation and brand value of Mengding mountain tea!Night watching the headlines when it comes to an amateur football lovers vowed to shoot his shot ten thousand times, then, the power of play from the start of the soccer movement in the air line and no direction to the later strength, feel, toss the ball will play also very accurate, the video started were compared with ten thousand times of play really significantly different:From the expression of confidence, to the skilled movement, the outbreak of strength, he is ready to continue to kick, continue to beat, until 1000000 times, I really admire such a persistent person, reminds me of a famous saying: “success is simple things repeated.Success is: simple things repeated brand, especially the tea brand, must be long-term, do the friend of time.The writer Gravel put forward a law: “the 10,000 hours Rule”, people think the genius is extraordinary, not the talent of the first class, but to pay continuous efforts, 10,000 hours of exercise is the necessary condition for anyone from ordinary to world-class master.He called this the “10,000-hour rule.”Let’s take a look at the current successful tea brand enterprises: Wuyi Star Tea was founded in 2001, so far 21 years;Bamboo Leaf Green Tea was established in 1998, so far 24 years;Bama Tea industry was founded in 1997, so far 25 years;China Tea was founded in 1985, so far 37 years;Wu Yutai tea industry was founded in 1979, so far 43 years, the so-called great, sometimes that is what is going on.The efforts of ordinary people, compounded by long-termism, add up to miracles.Time helped them and they became friends with time.It is impressive that a person can do one thing well all his life. For example, Mr. Xu Gong, the founder of Biltan Snow, is an 85-year-old man who has been engaged in many professions all his life.But what I remember about him is not his career but the business he created — Bitan Piuxue High-end Jasmine Tea. About our entrepreneurship and making Ganlu Hall the first brand of Mengding Ganlu, I still remember the school-enterprise cooperation units:Director Tian, a teacher of the commercial service school under the Sichuan Provincial Department of Commerce, once we made an appointment to drink tea in shuangnan European house outside Chengdu. She also made an appointment with Lei Lei, a teacher of Tianfu Tea training, during the dinner lei lei asked: “Angge, what are you busy with recently?Long time no see?”I said, “Start a business, build a brand, you know.”Lei Lei: “Haven’t you been creating for years?Still starting a business…”Director Tian listened and smiled…Yeah, everyone knows I’ve been on the road…After all these years, the revolution has not succeeded!Sweat, shame!We predict that after 10 years, Haidilao hot pot may not be in (at most 15-20 years), but Maotai, Wuliangye must be in, estimated to still exist after 50 years, we hope ganlutang is also in.There is a relationship has been good, also very support the dew of girl, she often said to me: don’t think so far, the business well first, money earned ratio what all good,,,, in fact, I want to say open a shop just business, everyone can do,,,, and entrepreneurship, creates the brand, is to do business, is to do a lifetime career.It is not easy to succeed, but isn’t the challenge in this process also a kind of growth and cultivation?Besides, with the deepening of understanding of mengding ganlu this advantage category, Ganlu Tang created a brand, the target is the industry’s top peer enterprises, why can we succeed, and others not?No other, stupid people do stupid things, persistence, long-term persistence, now I know, there is a special term in the heart of entrepreneurs called “long-termism”, I think, I am a long-termism, The Times have been changing, waves change for a while.The biggest lesson Bezos has taught me is to think about things that don’t change.☀ Sichuan tea brand, create opportunities with the choice ☀ tea industry brand, won’t six pulse magic sword, is playing rogue!☀ Tea industry: all brands without categories are paper tigers!☀ tea company brand how to walk out of the shadow of the regional public brand ☀ tea industry brand, the stock market for survival, incremental market for development precipitate vast thinking – enlightenment infinite wisdom!Ganlu Tang – a representative brand of Mengding ganlu in China!This article is by The representative brand of China Mengding ganlu tea — Ya ‘an Ganlu Tea industry, original release, welcome to reprint, please indicate the source, thank you for cooperation!Submission email:, payment will be made upon acceptance.