Icrc President: The first priority is to reach people in need

2022-04-26 0 By

International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) President Peter Morell issued a statement on the conflict in Ukraine on Thursday local time.In a statement, Morrell said the ICRC’s top priority is to assist people in need.This week, the INTERNATIONAL Committee of the Red Cross delivered 3,000 litres of drinking water to dokuchaevsk hospital and 7,000 litres to Donetsk.As the security situation allows, the team currently in Ukraine will continue to repair vital infrastructure, support medical facilities with medicines and medical equipment, and provide families with food and personal hygiene items. It will also continue confidential bilateral dialogue with the parties to the conflict in order to protect the population affected by the fighting.Morrell called on states to exert all influence within their powers and spheres of influence to avoid escalation of conflicts.Because the current level of capacity to protect and assist civilian populations is far from adequate to cope with the costs and consequences of conflict.In recent years, the ICRC has seen a number of conflicts erupt and escalate, almost without end.And in every conflict, it is civilians who suffer the consequences.