“Ground evaluation line” Qin Ping: strength has the temperature to have a peace of mind warm heart year

2022-04-26 0 By

In recent days, the province has issued a series of heart-warming policies and core measures on epidemic prevention and control, local Spring Festival, and resumption of work and production. For example, shaanxi technology-based small, medium and micro enterprises will enjoy a number of benefits, such as incentives and subsidies, project funds, innovation vouchers, etc.Xi ‘an city launched the “Heritage classic New Year” cloud broadcast, “Dragon Teng Tiger Jump Chinese Year” cloud live, “Full of Chang ‘an Happy Year” cloud transmission and other activities to serve the local New Year people, Xi ‘an Ba Qiao District took out 10 million yuan in subsidies for employment enterprises and projects…These warm policies and measures make people feel warm heart.We may feel homesick this holiday season, but uncertainties remain.Respecting the tradition of Celebrating the Spring Festival and taking into account the actual needs of epidemic prevention and control, many people have chosen to celebrate the Spring Festival on the spot and under the cloud.Under such circumstances, it is all the more important for us to do a good job in preventing and controlling the epidemic during the Spring Festival, and at the same time, to offer more warm and warm policy packages, so that local people can be more careful to stay and enjoy the festival.Last year’s Spring Festival, various departments in Our province took many practical measures to ensure that the local people had a safe, healthy, warm and peaceful festival.With our previous experience, we are fully capable of continuing to put people first, implement warm and caring policies, and improve governance and security capabilities, so that people who celebrate the Spring Festival here will enjoy a warm year.At present, our province is steadily promoting the resumption of work and production, need all levels of party committees and governments to create good conditions.In this period of time, we need to do a good job in promoting normal production of enterprises, promoting the resumption of business and market in urban and rural areas, reviving cultural and tourism consumption, and fully meeting people’s demand for holiday consumption.We will strengthen policy supply, provide proactive services, take measures ahead of troubled enterprises, provide services where they need, and solve difficulties and bottlenecks in resuming work and production. This is a powerful move for enterprises to achieve production and efficiency and for the whole industrial chain to resume work.We need to respond to the uncertainty of the impact of the epidemic with the certainty of our policies and measures and the efficiency and pragmatism of our services. We need to take early action and speed up our efforts. We need to take measures in line with local conditions, make precise, targeted and targeted progress, so that enterprises can focus on production and lay a solid foundation for a stable and sound economic start in the first quarter.Shaanxi has been downgraded to a low-risk region, and we need to better coordinate epidemic prevention and control with economic and social development.Only with strong and effective policies and measures can we effectively prevent and control the epidemic, protect people’s livelihood, and promote the resumption of work and production. Only in this Spring Festival, can we reassure and warm the hearts of business people, and ensure that society and the economy are revitalized in an orderly manner.