Construction of enterprise talent team, Ji ‘nan will start from?

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Jinan Municipal Party Committee and municipal Government praised and rewarded 95 outstanding talents of Quancheng enterprises, which fully reflected the municipal party committee and municipal government’s high attention to enterprises, entrepreneurs and all kinds of talents of enterprises, and will greatly stimulate the enthusiasm of enterprise officers to start a business.Next, jinan city will proceed from what respect, construction enterprise talented person troop?Organizational departments are the home of talent.Li Kaisen, deputy minister of the Organization Department of jinan Municipal Committee of the COMMUNIST Party of China, said that the construction of enterprise talent team is a systematic project, which requires joint cooperation of all parties.On the basis of strengthening cooperation with jinan Industry and Information Bureau and other relevant departments, the Organization Department will further strengthen the construction of enterprise talent team from three aspects.One is to plant more “plane trees” for entrepreneurs.Plant the sycamore tree and bring the phoenix.We will explore the establishment of an entrepreneur honor system, so that enterprise talents can become respected and admired groups, and constantly increase the sense of acquisition, identity and belonging of enterprise talents. We will strive to create an optimal talent ecosystem and gather more enterprise talents.Second, “tell the Jinan story” of the business community.To make outstanding contributions to the enterprise talents, not only let them benefit, have a sense of gain, but also to vigorously promote, strive to create respect for the enterprise talents of the public opinion atmosphere, so that they have a sense of honor.Taking this event as an opportunity, we will explore various forms to tell the excellent story of Jinan enterprise talents in the whole society.Third, let enterprise talent stand “C position”.The enterprise personnel struggle in a line of economic construction, familiar with the situation, experience and future of the enterprise, talent on the more important position, further clear enterprise talents participate, democratic supervision and consultation channels, contributing to politically qualified, outstanding comrade to provide more work opportunities and platforms, fully affirmed the value of their,We will guide them to make greater contributions to building strong provincial capitals.At the same time, it is the main responsibility of the department of industry and information technology to serve the development of enterprises and strengthen the construction of entrepreneurs.Ji ‘nan Industry and information bureau party secretary, director ji Peide introduced that the industry and information department will focus on three aspects to expand the ranks of entrepreneurs and enterprise talents.First of all, we will focus on strengthening provincial capitals and industrial cities, implement the strategy of strengthening enterprises through talent, and gather talents from all over the world with first-class industrial ecology.Firmly grasp to speed up the construction of the real economy, science and technology innovation, the coordinated development of modern finance, human resources of the nature of the industry system requirements, high quality and highly efficient, gather cluster intensive, strive to build a high-end professional focus feat of modern industrial system, strengthen the planning guidance, policy guidance, strive to build first-class ecological industry development,Focus on big data and a new generation of information technology, intelligent manufacturing and high-end equipment, quality steel and advanced materials, biological medicine and the health and so on four big leading pillar industry, high-value, 40 article 37 industry chain and industry cluster, to speed up cultivating “platform + ecology, leading + supporting, undertake + transformation, pilot succeeded” matrix of industry, promote the development of industry chain cluster scale,”Casting” is the “four beams and eight pillars” of the industry, and “gathering” becomes an inexhaustible driving force for high-quality development. By generating talents, promoting production with talents, and integrating industry and education, we can cultivate fertile soil for industrial talents to co-exist and prosper, fully release talent dividend, fully stimulate talent vitality, and fully gather strong driving force for innovation and entrepreneurship.Secondly, continue to strengthen the training of entrepreneurs and enterprise talents, and strive to improve the cohesion and competitiveness of entrepreneurs and enterprise talents.Closely around the “tree, its brand, known masters”, focus on building a large scale, the gradient is reasonable, quality excellent team of outstanding entrepreneur, with “, the famous hall “as the carrier, set up covering the whole city on the” four “enterprises, entrepreneurs of all kinds of training complementary training system, promote the combination of online and offline, promote the theory and view, the integration of teaching and research,We will constantly train and improve entrepreneurs’ capabilities in innovative development, strategic management, capital operation, market exploration and participation in international competition.To develop advanced manufacturing industry and the digital economy practice base construction, deepening the depth fusion and between production and education cooperation, further promote education chain, chain and industrial chain of talents, innovation chain effective connection, for high quality industry development to provide strong talent security, with high-quality entrepreneur team and high-quality talent team leading enterprise development.Thirdly, continuously improve the ability level of service enterprises and enterprise talents, focus on optimizing the development environment.Adhering to the service concept of “responding to all demands and not bothering anything”, the company continues to improve and improve the normal long-term service enterprise mechanism, continuously expand and enhance the cloud platform functions of “Quanhuiqi • Jiqitong” service enterprise, and provide high-quality online services for enterprises in the city.We will give full play to the role of jinan Association of Enterprises and Enterprises and other associations and alliances to provide a platform for enterprises in jinan to exchange and learn from each other and achieve win-win development.Brook he said, “of jinan city bureau of industry and will, as always, for the city’s entrepreneurs and enterprise talent to provide the most powerful policy, the most complete platform, the best quality service, takes office responsible for the enterprise and enterprise talent does the practical work, problem solving, reveal bear as in service enterprises, efforts to build to reassure entrepreneurs, worry, rest assured, let enterprises of all kinds of talent shu xin development environment.”Statement: The copyright of this article belongs to the original author. 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