Wuhan street, see this group of “snow removal artifact” big show

2022-04-25 0 By

February 7, wuhan to blizzard has fallen over 30000 in addition to the city’s sanitation workers on the road to sweep out in addition to ice the city a total of more than 4800 vehicles were put into “fight” to watch “snow removal artifact” team game according to the relevant person in charge of city chengguan appoint HuanWeiChu hunton & Williams, with wisdom “chengguan” upgrade, mechanical cleaning is more and more popular.By the end of last year, the city had 450 sets of all kinds of snow removal machinery and equipment, including 171 vehicle-mounted snow shovels, 90 vehicle-mounted snow removal roller brushes, 62 salt sprinklers, 127 small spitters, and all kinds of equipment.”It used to take dozens of people to melt snow and deice on the Yangtze River Bridge, but now it only takes two vehicles and a few people.”At present, there are more than 6000 sanitation vehicles in the city, and the mechanized operation rate of the main and secondary roads reaches 95%, which reduces the labor intensity of sanitation workers and improves the safety factor and work efficiency. (Produced by Changjiang Daily: Reporter Chen Yongquan, Correspondent Jin Hui peng Xueqing, Chen Zhuo, Zhao Zhihong, Poster: Overall planning Chen Zhi, design Wang Yuzhe)