The city’s economic functional departments hot discussion, with real work results as a good pacesetter

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“The beginning is a decisive battle, the beginning is a sprint”, “one retreat and then another, there is no retreat, no retreat”, “adhere to the great focus on industry, focusing on industry, with industrial breakthroughs to drive the great development of Kunming”…The speech of Liu Hongjian, member of the standing Committee of CPC provincial Committee and Secretary of CPC Municipal Committee, at the meeting of industrial development and investment attraction and project construction, aroused strong response and heated discussion among party members and cadres of the city’s economic functional departments.We have said, will work hard to pioneer “vanguard” big discussion, a big competition, by learning research solved “what gap, development to do work, how to do” problems, through the “find” gap, “sun”, “than” as a catch up with the good atmosphere formation than learning, build consensus, roof pressure,Be the pacesetter of economic and social development of the whole province with real work results.Scientific and technological innovation is closely related to economic development.The city CPPCC vice chairman, the city science and technology Bureau Director Wang Key said that around the meeting on investment, project construction and other work requirements, the city science and technology bureau will closely “technical team + capital + project” ideas.On the one hand, scientific and technological work supports industrial development and escorts the transformation of traditional industries. On the other hand, scientific and technological work is regarded as the stepping-stone of attracting investment for emerging industries.He said that the science and technology policy will be transformed into a leading policy to attract emerging industries, focusing on the first link of the transformation of science and technology leading achievements, focusing on the characteristics of Kunming and the needs of Yunnan, leading the layout of emerging industries, through project guidance, platform support, talent guarantee, comprehensively improve the contribution rate of scientific and technological progress.To be specific, we will upgrade and transform old industries and cultivate new ones in the process of attracting investment projects, so as to form a new system of supporting high-quality development with science and technology.The innovation subjects are encouraged to improve the quality and quantity of high-tech enterprises, and strive to achieve annual doubling on the basis of the provincial three-year doubling action plan.In addition, on the standard of national provincial capital cities, in deep r & D investment R&D make great efforts to ensure that the provincial Party Committee and provincial government will realize the R&amp of Kunming city at the end of the 14th Five-year Plan;D support requirements: meet the new development requirements of Kunming under the support of various science and innovation indicators.In the development of the city’s economy and industry, the municipal Bureau of Science and Technology will not lag behind, not missing the position, with the rapid improvement of the business environment of science and technology for the city’s high-quality development of the business environment.Municipal development and reform commission, National Development and Reform Commission, said Li Shaojun, director of the party secretary, the city’s hair change system will earnestly implement the CPC municipal committee and municipal government new deployment, new arrangements and requirements, actively carry out proactive thinking, strategic planning and project implementation, keep running “descend” spirit and attitude, grasped the nettle, dare to dare to spell, and be a good leader,We will make every effort to accomplish all the targets and tasks for the year.This year, the Municipal Development and Reform Commission will mainly make efforts to form new breakthroughs in four aspects, namely, to achieve breakthroughs in “changing the style of work and grasping the implementation”, to achieve breakthroughs in “strengthening provincial capital and stable growth”, to achieve breakthroughs in “grasping projects and promoting investment”, and to achieve breakthroughs in “revitalizing industries and increasing vitality”.In terms of “strengthening provincial capitals”, we will take the initiative to study the action plan as a starting point, actively seek support from provincial departments in terms of working mechanism, policy support, major projects and industrial layout, and promote the implementation of the action plan for “strengthening provincial capitals”.At the same time, we will strengthen analysis of economic performance and research on major issues, dynamically promote policies and measures conducive to economic growth, and build a high-standard platform for monitoring and analyzing economic performance to ensure steady and sound economic performance.Others go on, we are going to run the city bureau of industry and information technology conference, adhere to high holding industry, the main industry, in-depth implementation of the development strategy of industrial powerful city, promote industrial investment for three years, one thousand new ways to reshape the industrial and economic advantages, trying to get rid of the over-reliance on the plight of the real estate and traffic investment economy, industry breakthrough to stimulate development in kunming.In this regard, the city industry and information bureau party secretary, Director Yang Zailin said that the city industry and information bureau as the city’s industry information system pacesetter, will walk in the forefront, anchor industrial development goals, unified thinking, vigorously grasp the implementation.In concrete implementation, will take out “go on, we need to run” state, muster, emphasizing “hard support” industrial development, grasp investment promotion and capital introduction “lifeline”, firmly hold the “gap” of the construction of the project, at the same time focus on a key focus of industrial development, promoting industrial development to achieve big ascension, to find a gap, bask in grades, and as,Form a good atmosphere than learning to catch up, resolutely fight a good economic work, strive for the province’s industry and information development to make new greater contribution.The statistical work of the Municipal Bureau of Statistics is an important comprehensive basic work for economic and social development, and statistical data is an important reference and support for scientific decision-making and accurate policy making.City bureau of Statistics party secretary, director Xu Guiming said, the city bureau of Statistics will recognize the gap, speed up action, earnestly the cadre staff thought and action unified to the provincial party committee, provincial government deployment requirements, top pressure forward, bravely strive to be the first, strive to become the province’s statistical system pacesman.Will quickly carry out “be a good pacesetter” discussion, big competition activities, firm confidence, boost morale, stimulate energy, form a good atmosphere than learning to catch up.We will deepen statistical reform and innovation, comprehensively consolidate the grassroots foundation, effectively improve the quality of statistical data, promote norms within the rules, and build up image outside the service, so as to contribute more statistical wisdom and statistical power to the economic and social development of Kunming.City investment promotion bureau of city investment promotion bureau of Dong Hui said that at present, the city’s investment promotion and capital introduction to optimize structure adjustment of industry investment is around the corner, investment promotion department at all levels must carry forward the spirits of eye, of style, through the development of “being a good leaders” big discussion, a big competition, build consensus in the thoughts, in action fast one step,Firmly establish the “everyone is the subject of investment, investment environment everywhere, investment time at all times, everything is the image of investment” strong consciousness, condense the great grasp of investment, big grasp of projects, big grasp of the industry.It is necessary to highlight precise investment attraction, adhere to the “chess game” investment attraction plan, do a good job in targeting benchmarking enterprises, accurately attract a number of industrial chain “main” enterprises with high investment intensity, high output efficiency, high science and technology content and high industrial correlation, and give play to the “flying geese” effect.The Municipal Investment Promotion Bureau will take practical actions to practice the efficiency consciousness of “even if it is late today, even if it is late tomorrow”, carry out the discussion and competition activities of “be a good leader”, and create a good atmosphere of attracting investment than learning to catch up.With the responsibility of “success does not depend on me” and “success must depend on me”, we will promote the city’s investment promotion to achieve a great breakthrough and contribute to the investment promotion in the pace of high-quality development of Kunming.Bear as hard work of the city finance bureau financial work is the important guarantee of the project work, the spirit of the meeting quickly in the city at all levels of financial departments caused a heated discussion.Under the strong leadership of the Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal Government, Kunming’s financial management has been notified and encouraged by The State Council for two consecutive years, and the target task was overfulfilled in 2021.”This lays a good foundation for the next step, but we must be clear-eyed about the crisis and challenges and keep holding ourselves to higher standards,” said Li Lifei, deputy director of the city’s finance bureau.She said that, centering on the spirit of the meeting, the finance ministry at all levels of the city will carry out the discussion and competition activities of “being a good pacesetter”, and unify their thoughts on being a good pacesetter and form a consensus on the path to accelerate development.We will resolutely implement the policy of using government resources to get government revenue, and the policy of using public finance to support government administration. We will implement a proactive fiscal policy, overcome difficulties to increase revenue, optimize spending to ensure key areas of government spending, guard against risks, and keep the bottom line of reform in line with strong driving forces.We will strengthen our confidence and focus on the work of the CPC Central Committee and the Municipal Government. We will fight the tough battle with full passion and ensure that all the targets and tasks for this year are fulfilled.Increase investment in industrial development to support high-quality economic and social development of Kunming city.City business bureau, city business bureau party member and deputy director of the Yang Zhiwu, said the city’s business system cadres will be determined to carry out the municipal party committee and municipal government to deploy, firmly grasp the entire province vanguard this location to plan work, to “start is decisive battle, the start is the sprint” determination to bear as actively, hard work, focus on industrial development and opening to the outside world,Continuously tap the advantages of commercial work in the connection between internal and external, linking urban and rural areas, docking production and marketing, expanding consumption, and booming market, ensure the successful completion of annual targets and tasks, and contribute to the city’s economic work.At the same time, give play to the role of the trade platform of experimental zone of kunming area, active docking RCEP rules, the development of tourism, transportation, medicine and education services trade, encouraging manufacturing related services such as r&d, design, wholesale and retail trade, promote financial settlement, foreign trade, insurance, investment and financing, supply chain finance service trade development;We will vigorously develop an open economy, accelerate integration into the “major and dual cycles” at home and abroad, and build new heights of opening up to South And Southeast Asia.Shuai Tiecheng, deputy director and party member of sasAC, said that through study and discussion, SASAC is trying to solve the problem of “how to see the gap, how to do development, how to do work”.To be specific, industrial development should be placed in a leading and fundamental position, the industrial structure should be optimized, the industrial level should be upgraded, the industrial quality should be enhanced, and the municipal enterprises should be promoted to achieve great development and improvement.We should develop and strengthen new pillar industries, focus on fostering emerging industries, vigorously develop an open economy, and seize the major development opportunities of RCEP.We need to improve the quality and efficiency of parks.We should attach great importance to the work of attracting investment to industries, improve our ability to attract investment, and promote the development of industries by making breakthroughs in attracting investment. Officials at all levels should be involved, and more than four major industrial projects will be introduced in 2022.In order to further grasp and grasp, according to the investment promotion task issued by the Municipal Party Committee and the municipal government, the Municipal State-owned Assets supervision and Administration Commission will actively plan the industrial investment promotion in advance, and promote the strong investment promotion team.It has made breakthroughs in “grasping projects and promoting investment”, and at the same time carried out regular management of “five projects in a batch”, coordinated at a high level, giving full play to Kunming’s role as a “pacesman” of economic and social development as a provincial capital city.Source: Yunnan Economic editor: Zhou Lu Review: Xiao Mijuan ‍ final review: Xu Ting