Forward two!China has added another gold medal to its winter Olympics tally, trailing the US by just one

2022-04-25 0 By

Beijing Winter Olympic Games has entered the white-hot stage, a number of events launched the final gold medal competition.In particular, the short track speed skating event, the final battle of the Chinese team is very sorry, in the two gold points are not able to achieve a breakthrough, and finally the Chinese short track speed skating team in this Winter Olympic Games with 2 gold, 1 silver, 1 bronze.It is worth mentioning that the Chinese team has a gold medal in this match.Qi Guangpu lifted China to the top of the gold medal table by winning the men’s freestyle aerials event.As a veteran of four Winter Olympics, Qi Guangpu withstood the huge pressure in the final, and successfully got the precious gold medal in this event.After winning the gold medal, China’s position in the gold medal has changed.China is currently fourth in the gold medal table with seven golds, four silvers and two bronzes, up two places from the end of the previous day, ahead of Austria and the Netherlands.It is now just behind the top three and only one gold medal behind the Third-placed Us team.There were no changes in the top three golds, led by Nordic Norway with 13 golds, seven silvers and eight bronzes.Its impressive haul of 28 MEDALS has made it hard for other countries to catch up, and it’s no surprise that Norway will finish top of the gold medal table in Beijing.Germany finished second with 10 golds, 6 silvers and 4 bronzes. Germany won a bronze medal on this day.The United States finished third on the gold medal tally with eight golds, seven silvers and four bronzes, sweeping the men’s freestyle slopestyle gold and silver MEDALS during the day.Austria, the Netherlands and Sweden ranked fifth to seventh in the gold medal table.Austria took home a silver medal in men’s alpine skiing during the day.Dutchwoman Maria Schuerting took bronze in her final short track event, the women’s 1500, to add to a precious gold medal for her country.Sweden won one gold and one bronze during the day, both from the snow events.Switzerland, the Russian Olympic Committee and France ranked 6th to 10th in gold MEDALS.The Russian Olympic Committee took home one silver and two bronze MEDALS from freestyle skiing and biathlon.France won a gold medal during the day, with Clemente Noel taking the gold medal for France in alpine skiing.It is worth mentioning that In the top 10, China is the only Asian country, so it can be seen in The Asian level, China team is very competitive strength.In the Beijing Winter Olympics, The Chinese team had a good harvest in the snow events, many gold MEDALS.In Asia, China ranked first, followed by Japan with two golds, five silvers and seven bronzes, and South Korea with two golds, four silvers and one bronze.Six gold MEDALS will be awarded in Nordic combined, ice hockey and speed skating at the Beijing Winter Olympics on Monday.China’s Gu Ailing will compete in the halfpipe qualifying event, the most powerful individual event, while figure skating will also attract attention.I hope Gu Ailing can smoothly advance to the final and strive for her third medal!