Attention!Shaanxi province will see rain, snow, temperature drop and wind since February 4

2022-04-25 0 By

Shaanxi meteorological Observatory predicted rain and snow in the Qinling-Bashan mountains and some parts of southern Shaanxi on February 3, affected by the eastward movement of the plateau short-wave trough.Under the influence of the northwest air flow behind the trough, there will be wind and cooling weather in the central and northern part of Shaanxi on The 4th.Influenced by the eastward movement of the westerly trough, there will be rain and snow in central and southern Shaanxi on May 5.On the 4th, the cloudy day in northern Shaanxi turned sunny, guanzhong, southern Shaanxi cloudy, northern Shaanxi, northern Guanzhong there are 4 level north wind, the daily average temperature in northern Shaanxi dropped 4-6℃.5 in northern Shaanxi overcast to cloudy, western Shaanxi has light snow, guanzhong, southern Shaanxi cloudy to cloudy day, western Guanzhong rain to sleet or light snow, southern Shaanxi has light rain or sleet.The daily average temperature in Guanzhong and southern Shaanxi decreased by 2-4℃.