Xingyao Beijing | Yan Wengang Bronze medal, Yin Zheng fifth!The good guys who fly close to the ground, both of them are crossover heroes

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Yan Wengang won the bronze medal and Yin Zheng ranked fifth in the men’s skeleton bobsleigh competition at the Beijing Winter Olympic Games.They significantly improved China’s Olympic best in the event.Geng finished 13th at the last Olympics in Pyeongchang.The development of steel frame bobsled in foreign countries has a hundred years of history, but our country is in 2015 after Beijing won the bid, the first time to set up the steel frame bobsled national team.With reference to the international experience and domestic reality, the first batch of domestic steel snowmobiles players are “cross-border across items”, most of which are in track and field athletes, including a sprinter Zhang Peimeng also became the first athlete, the Beijing nationality player was eager to become a domestic attends the Olympics summer games was both the “first person”.Yin Zheng and Yan Wengang, who represent China in this Winter Olympics, were selected in the sprint and long jump, respectively.Because both used to be track and field athletes, the two are extremely explosive.In the first and second rounds of the steel bobsled, Yin zheng set and held the starting record, and in the final round, he set a new track start record again with 4.58 seconds.Yan has finished in the top 10 twice at this season’s World Cup and holds the record for the best finish by a Chinese athlete at the World Championships. He also won China’s first ever steel bobsled European Cup gold medal in 2018.After the first two qualifying rounds, he was ranked third.After the third round of the final, he was a close fourth.In the fourth round, Yan Wengang further broke out and stood on the podium.In addition, before the construction of the “Snow Dragon”, the competition venue of the Beijing Winter Olympics, there were only 16 bobsled venues in the world, distributed in 11 countries and regions, 10 of which are in Europe, and Four in Germany ranked first.Before the completion of the “snow Dragon”, the 14th National Games steel sled competitions were held abroad.There are not many bobsled venues in China. On the one hand, the venue design and construction are complicated, the investment cost is high, and the operation and maintenance are highly specialized.On the other hand, each venue is highly customized, similar to F1 track.But with Beijing hosting the Winter Olympics, our country also has a world-class bobsled track.Top speed up to 145 km/h steel bobsled, bobsled, bobsled are the three major skiing events of the Winter Olympics.At the start of the race, the athletes must set off on their stomachs and speed along a zigzag downhill course, steering with consummate skill until they cross the finish line.In skating, athletes average speeds of up to 145 kilometers per hour, which is the level of speeding.At high speeds and corners, the athlete is subjected to so much acceleration, figuratively speaking, that it’s like having five more of you on top of you.At the same time, they perform precise movement control and follow the course’s planned route.Deviation from the track can affect speed and can even lead to a dangerous rollover.This is a near-ground flying competition, also known as ice dive.The bobsleigh, which has been kicked out of the Olympic skeleton twice, has no steering gear or braking device, and the athlete can only control the turn through the slight movement of the head and body, which requires the athlete to have extremely high control ability.To reduce air resistance, athletes wear aerodynamic one-piece suits and keep their arms tucked away at their sides in a streamlined position.Just because it’s a little dangerous, the sport has been in and out of the Winter Olympics twice: in 1928 and 1948;It has been an official event of the Winter Olympic Games since 2002. Currently, there are two gold MEDALS for men and women.Steel frame snowmobiles have very high requirements on athletes’ explosive power, attention and control. Therefore, before the competition, athletes will study the track in advance and remember all the turns, which is conducive to grasp every turn in the competition and avoid the slight deviation of the body affecting the results.At the same time, as much as possible to improve the starting speed, increase the initial speed, is also conducive to athletes to obtain the best results.(Xinhua Photo)