Southern suburb police station, holding the flag to forge ahead of the “three energy” model students

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Since 2021, Nanjiao Police Station has been leading and practicing the requirements of “three abilities” with party construction, adhering to and developing the “Fengqiao Experience”, demonstrating loyalty in the team, strengthening the standard and fine management, highlighting the mass line in the main business, and striving to become a model student of “three abilities”.Throughout the year, 207 criminal suspects were punished, 233 were subject to administrative detention, 16 fugitives were captured, and 197 suspects were arrested for pornography, gambling, and drug abuse.He was awarded the honorary title of “the most iron Team” by the branch office.01 can focus on party building fu political JianJing cast soul up to standard “SanNeng” requirement, in order to deepen the “branch, the strongest alert team” benchmarking party branch created as traction, from trees to the feelings of “the spirit of the cow mountain” as the core of the party culture system, fusion “beginner’s mind and integrity, cultivates and brave, history and heritage” chapter three culture, pay attention to the cultural inheritance in the ceremony,The spirit of the southern suburbs is rooted in the heart of the police.With team education reorganization activities and history of the party of political science and law education activities as the carrier, deepen the “party building + education” concept, set up a school for a day “mechanism innovation, normalized to carry out the political training, job training and actual combat training, promote the team thought the mind, work together, the action of step, law-abiding consciousness, promote political construction, style of discipline, business to a higher power fusion in hand work.In 2021, a total of 14 people in the southern suburbs were awarded for meritorious service, especially the education and rectification activities of the political and legal teams were highly recognized by the seventh Central Steering Group and the Branch Party Committee.02 focus predominant simultaneously dealing safety construction is strong examination oriented, establish a “negative” incentive mechanism, strengthen the police executing efficiency, made solid progress “blue sword 2021” series of special operation, normal advance anti-triad putting the other, polished do real “break a small case warm hearts and minds” project, with “pragmatic effect” text to spell out the “national capital public security”.Telecom network fraud is a popular concern of the masses.The southern suburbs strengthened the “two card” regulation, focusing on the “fight, persuade, prevent” three key points, to crack the high incidence of electric fraud cases, solve low cases, dissuade difficult governance problems.In 2021, the acceptance of telephoning cases decreased by 50.6% year on year, 40 suspects involved in fraud were punished, 26 high-risk objects were dissuaded, and the amount of stop-loss was 1.889 million yuan.03 focus reform lead policing mechanism, intensive and efficient to mark “refers to regular chariot” integration reform required, around “the cloud of public security, online policing” strategy, adhering to the “efficiency can, severe blow, strong control, sincere service” concept, deepen the construction of “one center and two teams” service mechanism, iterative upgrade police station “cerebellar central” construction.The “1+1+7” synthetic operation structure has been established, the “three districts and seven posts” have been scientifically and reasonably divided, the “5+1+7+7” police force configuration has been established, and the work pattern of precise instruction of “cerebellum” and efficient execution of “hands and feet” has been comprehensively built, so as to realize the modern police process of information command and leading rooms and teams connecting with each other, deep integration and precise transmission has been realized.Adhering to the innovation-driven drive as the engine, Nanjiao Institute actively embraces the new fields and new forms of digital empowerment, bravely undertakes the mission in exploring grassroots governance and serving the masses, and bravely blaze a new road.To build the party at the grass-roots wisdom as the guidance, at “red pilot” for the prize, with “party building” as the carrier, to establish the integrated “education guidance, management services, rights protection, policy to preach, to resolve disputes, the disadvantaged poor” six “pomegranate seeds” the unity of the unified logistics integrated police station, and as the fourth batch of national unity progress to create cultivate unit at the provincial level,The effectiveness of the work has been affirmed by the provincial Ethnic Clan Committee, the citizens bureau, the District Committee of the United Front Work Department and experience promotion.Actively involved in public security digital wave of reform, and auspicious garden “intelligent security area” quality construction as the breakthrough point, r&d management, “” spheres of fu can platform, set the middle floor” warning “, village “control”, the disposal of the circle, parts, highlighting “digital maple chong” in the field of grassroots social governance “fu can effect”.05 focus on people-oriented to create a people’s satisfaction with public security practice, public opinion leading the police to carry out the all the convenience and benefit measures, constantly release the reform of public security “up to run a” bonus, relying on the “Internet +” implementation “do” free net phone, actively promote “one window acceptance, integrated service”, “foreign office” and “do” convenient fast convenient service measures to comprehensively implement.With the theme of “I do practical things for the people” as the carrier, we will innovate the service mechanism, broaden the service means and extend the service areas, and strengthen the public security “for the people”.Such as with the Red Cross organization to build a care and support mechanism to provide psychological counseling and care for special groups;During the grim period of epidemic prevention and control, the government took the initiative to coordinate street operations to help ethnic minority people get priority vaccination appointments.The “micro wish” of the disadvantaged students in yimin School fully shows the “tender side” of the public security organs.Forge ahead on a new journey, to the future together.In 2022, the Nanjiao Police Station will continue to play the role of the “three nunes” strong enough to ring with its strong spirit and guard chunshan Tomusui, which will be the year of the police soo Minan # Lucheng Public Security ## Sanneng ## police station ## Fengqiao Experience ## police uncle