Panyu | “Happy Zengbian, Wise Jinxi” 2022 Zengbian Village Spring Festival Garden

2022-04-24 0 By

Zengbian Village, together with xinzao Town Women’s Federation and Xinzao Town Community Working Station, launched the “Happy Zengbian, Wise Jinxi” Spring Festival garden activity on January 23, 2022. Zeng Hailiang, vice chairman of Panyu Artists and Calligraphers Association and President of Shiqiao Calligraphy and Painting Research Association, was invited to write Spring Festival couplets and send blessings to everyone.The activity attracted more than 200 people to participate, so that everyone felt the happy and peaceful atmosphere of the New Year in advance.This project recruited 8 families to participate in the game, set up six game levels such as “two people and three feet”, “you draw and I guess” and “track dribble”. After each family arrived at the designated position, they could complete the task according to the requirements to complete the game and continue to challenge the next level.Jinxi Garden carnival set up five booths such as “fun throwing pot”, “Fire eye golden eye”, “dark box guessing”, “garbage classification knowledge quiz” and “anti-fraud knowledge quiz”. Each successful completion of the task will be rewarded with a stamp, and the corresponding prize will be awarded if the specified number of stamps are collected.Mr. Zeng Hailiang wrote Spring Festival couplets and sent blessings on the spot.It is worth mentioning that two other calligraphers and a group of small calligraphers volunteered to work together to bring blessings to the residents.Zeng hailiang said he was happy to see so many children in the village enjoying calligraphy and would like to contribute to the cultural construction of Zengbian village.Although the day of the activity was cold and cloudy, accompanied by a light rain, the participants were enthusiastic and reveled in the joyful atmosphere of the game. Cheers, laughter and sound continued.Correspondent Zengbian Village Committee News and pictures source Zengbian Village Committee Source: Micro-community EJiatong Wisdom New Zao (wechat id: XXsbejTXz)