Lobster yolk salted egg yolk is rich, fragrant and golden in color

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Salted egg yolks are rich in flavor, making the crayfish golden in color and tempting to eat, but in the hot summer, a little greasy mouth.Shen mixes pea puree into salted egg yolk to reduce the fat and increase the flavor, and pairs the lobster with a millet rice crust, two roughage elements that set the dish apart from other similar products on the market.Batch preparation: 1. Steam 10 packets of salted egg yolk (15 pieces/packet), take out and beat the yolk into paste;Soak 1000 grams of dried peas thoroughly, remove and put into a tray, steam for 60 minutes on high heat until tender, remove and mash into mud, sieve and set aside.2. Add 600 grams of garlic oil in a wok and heat it up to 50%. Add salted egg yolk and pea puree, pour 50 grams of white wine in the wok and stir fry until it returns to sand.1. Brush clean crayfish 800 grams after three times fried, drain oil points;Fry 200 grams of rice crust in 70% heat until golden brown, remove.2. Heat the pot with oil until it reaches 50% heat, then put 150g of mashed peas with egg yolk cooked in advance and stir-fry until fragrant, add 10g of chives, add appropriate amount of salt and sugar, add crawfish and millet rice crust, stir well in the fire, and load the pot and serve.Technical key: stir-fry salted egg yolk with garlic oil, add a little white wine, can enhance the aroma of raw materials.