It’s not easy to make money in the short term, so how do you make money with money?

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“Long line make money too slow, six elder brother you can teach me to do short line?”Haha, if I had a short term, wouldn’t I have been rich, already richer than Buffett?Of course, I am not against short term, to know that short term is much more complicated than long term, in fact, it is not easy to make money.What I don’t know I can’t talk nonsense, I only talk about my own will, and only talk about their practice can let our assets grow steadily.I have to be honest with my fans who believe in me, and I want to deliver a steady growth of value investing.In value investing, we’re buying assets, assets that are going to generate money, and we’re actually making money when we buy them, because we’re picking stocks that pay a high dividend, that pay a dividend of more than 5%, and that pay out every year.Many people cannot bear the suffering of falling market value. Here I would like to encourage everyone to strengthen confidence and never take temporary losses as psychological burden. You should treat your stock as if it were a house to buy and sell.What is money to make money?A lot of people fall into the mistake, that is to say, a lot of people think of making money with money as buying and selling price difference, that is not making money with money, that is gambling luck.The real way to make money with money is to turn your money into assets, which then help you to generate income.What we have at the end of the day is confidence, you have to believe that you are picking a good stock, you have to believe that your stock is going to make your investment, you have to believe that your stock can wait to double, you have to be patient.In the capital market, only patience can make you rich.A friend said: “if it were not for the six elder brother always give us lift, I want to sell several times.”Come on, we want to use the power of belief to create wealth, the key to success is to hold our hands of the seed of wealth, these low valuation of the stock is the seed of wealth.Do not give up because of the fall, in short, stock investment depends on the firm will to adhere to, Buffett said, if you can not withstand a 50% drop in your stock, you can not come to the market.I’ve had stocks drop by 70% and hold out until it’s profitable.Courage and patience are necessary to create wealth. In fact, the process of investment is also the process of constantly forming their own investment style.The ideas and methods I speak are also for your reference, and I hope you can understand them well and finally come out of your own style.I have said that I have done short term and learned many ways to do short term, but ultimately failed.My true path to stock-market growth began with long-term investments, but just because I failed short term doesn’t mean short term doesn’t work.It has been analyzed in previous articles that if you can make more than 50% profit in one year and win 2 out of 3 games for a long time, you are designed for the short term.If your short-term approach doesn’t get you there, you will eventually be left behind by the steady growth of your long-term investments.I now use two low two high stock selection principle is a simple and effective method, in my practice has not failed.Of course, it’s easy, but you need patience, and if you don’t have patience, it doesn’t work.My friends, how do you make money? Please leave a comment.Like my article on the like forward bar, pay attention to small six loyalty, we explore the truth of investment!Above is individual viewpoint for reference only, the stock market has risk investment to need caution!