Houston Rockets DJ Augustin has become the hot item in the buyout market, worth pursuing by three championship contenders

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The NBA buyout market has been particularly hot lately, as some veteran players can help playoff teams make a run for the championship.A new opportunity for rockets veteran DJ Augustin, who has joined Goran Dragic as one of the best point guard options.Because he’s shooting 40.6 percent from 3-point range this season.He is also an excellent point guard.For teams that want to make a run for the playoffs, there are three teams that could be very interested in him, according to Houston Chronicle reporter Brian Fegan.The Golden State Warriors have had a good season, with the return of Klay Thompson preventing them from pursuing any of the big names on the trade market.However, the Warriors aren’t a shoo-in for the title, as the bench needs to improve.For the Warriors, the team needed to bring in a backup point guard.After all, aside from Stephen Curry, the Warriors don’t have a true point guard in their rotation.Draymond Green is a great facilitator at power forward, but he can’t hold the ball for long, and Andre Iguodala is just a great forward, not a great point guard.DJ Augustin could fill the void for the Warriors, providing a steady playmaker as well as an excellent 3-point shooter for the Warriors.DJ Augustin will be the final piece of the puzzle for the Warriors, who are aiming to win a championship this season.Brooklyn Nets Though the Nets traded Ben Simmons, Seth Curry and Andre Drummond at the buzzer, the Nets lacked a point guard on the bench.After all, Kyrie Irving is a part-time player who can’t play at home.Then, upgrading the point guard position makes a lot of sense for the Nets.When Irving isn’t playing at home, Patty Mills is the starting point guard, and Jevonne Carter and CAM Thomas aren’t consistent playmakers.DJ Augustin has the ability to be a force off the bench for the Nets, and his 3-point shooting ability can add to the offensive end.He also has a very good relationship with Kevin Durant.It is understood that Augustin and Durant played collegiate games at the University of Texas during the 2006-07 season.The two were close.In addition, Augustine was vaccinated.Augustin will be a solid point guard when Irving is out of the game.The Denver Nuggets run most of their offense through center Nikola Jokic, assuming Jamal Murray doesn’t return this season.Then, the only true point guards are Monte Morris and Facondo Campazzo.Adding DJ Augustin would give the Nuggets an upgrade at the point guard position because he’s a very consistent point guard with 38 playoff games under his belt.If the Nuggets want to compete for a championship this season, they need to bring in a veteran guard like Augustin.Which team do you think the old and new DJ Augustin would be better suited for?