Home delivery for the isolated community!Jinshan, a state-owned company, offers dishes at a low price

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Jinshan State-owned enterprise affordable dishes “anti-epidemic” package home delivery by the district state-owned enterprise Shanghai Jinshan Market Co., LTD., subordinate Huizhong agriculture to provide this service SJMC service object: Jinshan District home isolation community distribution location: each control community at the door of the package price: 50 yuan, 80 yuan “anti-epidemic” package:* Set menu is updated regularly. Specific menu information can be released according to the actual situation or contact wechat customer service.How do I place an order?Please contact customer service and code ~ contact phone number: 180-1939-2607 special remind insist three-piece “epidemic” of “protection five to jointly build the epidemic prevention and control of defense information: jinshan market company edit | shu Yin coordinating editor of dill | dry her Joan