During the Spring Festival, I taught my family to make scallion pancakes, and they scrambled to eat them as soon as they came out of the pot

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The Spring Festival is the most popular day for relatives and friends to gather together, and most people are on vacation. Due to the epidemic, they dare not travel to crowded places, so they have dinner with their relatives in turn to share and learn some delicious food that they seldom cook.During the Spring Festival, I taught my family to make scallion pancakes, and they rushed to eat them as soon as they came out of the pot. They were fragrant and soft, and simpler than fried meatballs.In our hometown, during the Spring Festival, we will make a snack of fried meatballs, maybe every year, the formula and taste has not changed, many people do not like to eat.Seeing that the croquettes on the table were not popular, I made a simple plate of green onion pancakes with flour for everyone to taste. Unexpectedly, they were all sold out as soon as they came out of the pot, especially the children, who said that the salty flavor and soft taste of green onion pancakes were much better than the sweet and greasy croquettes.The elders saw their children like to eat, suffering not to do, immediately asked me to do more, by the way, teach them on the spot.As long as there are ingredients, the pancake can be cooked in 20 minutes. The pancake is soft and fluffy, and you will love it once you eat it. The more you chew, the more fragrant and not greasy.Friends who like eating scallion pancake can keep it and do it by themselves when they want to eat scallion pancake. It is healthier than the market, simple and easy to do, economical and affordable, and the key is delicious!300g of ordinary flour, 5g of white sugar, 4g of salt, 1g of spring onion, 2g of five-spice powder, 3g of yeast, a small amount of cooking oil and an appropriate amount of water making tools: non-stick pan or electric pancake can be prepared to make spring onion pancakes. Adding a small amount of white sugar can improve the taste and promote the acceleration of batter fermentation.I can use either all-purpose flour or regular flour. I use whatever flour I have at home.Pour the flour into a large basin, add sugar, salt, five-spice powder, yeast mix well, and then add an appropriate amount of warm or cold water below 40 degrees Celsius, fully stir into a batter without particles, cover the lid or plastic wrap, place in a warm place for fermentation for about 15 minutes;When the batter looks bubbly and comes up fluffy, add finely washed chopped scalonions to the batter and mix well with a wooden spatula or chopsticks.Sprinkle some dry flour on the cutting board, pour the batter into the top, and then use a scraper and into a group;Divide the dough into equal sized pieces. Cover the dough with a lid or plastic wrap and let it rise a little longer.Electric pancake griddle after heating into a small amount of cooking oil, put the green onion cake neatly in the pot, cover the lid, fry until the shape after turning, turn several times during the period, so that its color is more uniform, faster cooking;Fry until brown on both sides, scoop up the pancake and serve.Food style tip: Mix the dough with warm water to accelerate the fermentation of the batter and increase the taste of the pizza. However, the water temperature should not exceed 50 degrees Celsius, because the high temperature will kill the yeast and form a dead surface, so the fried onion pancake tastes hard.