Beijing Winter Olympics, the power of science and technology is everywhere

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The Winter Olympics will close in four days.Behind the stunning opening ceremony and the exciting competition is ubiquitous technology.More than 200 technologies were tested and used in more than 60 segmented application scenarios, fully demonstrating the power of technological innovation.On February 16, the 2022 Beijing Science and Technology Winter Olympics press conference was held to reveal the scientific and technological forces in venues and infrastructure construction, event organization, event services, venue operation, experience and epidemic prevention and control.Create “never extinguished the torch” in the press conference, the Ministry of Science and Technology and social development slurry sampling, director of ZhuXueHua introduction, February 2, started in the torch relay, the torch stable combustion in the strong wind and low temperature environment, create “never extinguished the torch”, at the same time by the robot to complete underwater torch, shows the robot technology in our country.File photo: The Beijing 2022 Olympic Winter Games torch display is held in Harbin, Heilongjiang province, On Jan 5.Xinhua News Agency reporter Zhang Tao photo “inheritance of the Olympic flame ‘flying’ torch, from hydrogen fuel, to small fire combustion, as well as the main torch platform snowflake structure, in the design, hydrogen storage, hydrogen supply, combustion technology and other aspects of a number of innovations, showing the high-tech to achieve green and low-carbon new concept of innovation practice.”Said Huang Jing, director of the China Agenda 21 Management Center.The oversized 8K floor screen in the center of the Bird’s Nest is composed of more than 40,000 LED modules, covering an area of 10,552 square meters. A 1200-square-meter 8K LED screen stands above it, forming the world’s largest ULTRA-HD LED 3D stage.Picture source: Beijing municipal party committee propaganda department “screen integrated intelligent control system, the ultra high resolution video material at present on all modules, with poor perfect shows various image effect not only, also is a combination of digital technology, artificial intelligence, virtual reality to enhance the motion capture technology, etc., to subvert the traditional pattern of type stage.The opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games will be broadcast live using 5G+8K technology, enabling viewers to immerse themselves in the real scene and feel as if they were there.”Huang said.”Ice Cube” as one of the first venues to start competition, through the precise control of temperature in different areas of the arena, to provide athletes and spectators with a “different temperature in the same room” new ice experience.”The ‘ice’ surface of the National Speed Skating Hall is the first in the history of the Winter Olympics to use carbon dioxide transcritical ice-making technology, providing a guarantee for athletes to create faster results.It has seen eight new Olympic records and one world record.”Said Yu Hong, head of the technical department of the Beijing Winter Olympics Organizing Committee.From the first press conference on January 30, 2022 to February 15, 2022, the Beijing Winter Olympic Games press conference video service system (INFo-AV) has live-streamed 182 events, with a total length of 7,330 minutes.A maximum of 21 live broadcasts in a single day on February 3.On February 3, the cloud production center supported live broadcasts from 10 venues, including the main hall of the main media center, Beijing Winter Olympic Village, alpine Ski Center and Zhangjiakou News Center.More than 250 live broadcasts are expected by the end of the Games.”Info-av system has improved the video service level of this Year’s Winter Olympic Games. From the perspective of business model, audio and video production, editing and processing of press conferences are all achieved remotely in the cloud.This cloud-based remote production greatly reduces the need for on-site personnel and equipment, improves efficiency and reduces costs.Editors and directors can edit cloud audio and video news materials and publish them without leaving home.”The unexpected benefit is that we have reduced the number of front-line workers, which is also an effective preventive measure.”Yu hong said.Source: Science and Technology Daily editor: Zhang Shuang Review: Yue Liang final review: Wang Yu