After losing to the Blazers!Vogel suggested westbrook was playing badly and suggested the Lakers send him away

2022-04-24 0 By

The lakers suffered this season, shame in the case of James and Davis played at the same time, the lakers unexpectedly lost to the trail blazers are rebuilding, to know the trail blazers have just completed a great deal, star, Mr Rudd also injury absence, Portland has a total of nine players in this match, most of them are basic salary fringe players.That adds up to $29 million, less than James alone, but the Lakers lost to Portland by three points.The game the lakers appeared a total of 21 turnovers, although James cut 30 points, seven rebounds and seven assists, three steals, but as many as six turnovers, and who often defensive leakage in the right time, and Davis scored 17 points and seven rebounds and 6 assists, reserves for small tucker had 14 points, 7 assists 4 error, Stanley – Johnson contributed 11 points, in addition to this,No one else scored in double figures, and it was the team’s lackluster performance that cost the lakers the game.But after the lakers coach vogel, his wrath in the wei less it less with back tension did not play, but he still became the focus of the reporters’ questions, vogel in an interview talked about the perception of wei less, vogel said: “for less, we are looking forward to attack the basket, he make good decisions during this period.We want him to pressure the rim, finish, score efficiently, cut down on turnovers and work hard on defense.””If there’s a way to improve our team, we’ll do it,” Vogel said of whether Westbrook would be traded.I have nothing more to say at the trade deadline.”Vogel wasn’t happy with Westbrook’s performance, though vogel didn’t say so, but the implied message was that Westbrook wasn’t scoring well, he was turning the ball over too much, he wasn’t defending well, and he personally wanted the Lakers to let him go.After vogel has repeatedly in critical moment will be less on the bench, even in a defeat on the bucks game, willy did not play the whole details, less and less too for vogel arrangement is not very identity, so there has been a contradiction between both sides, although less this season is very bad, but the lakers’ problems are not caused by a man less,The lakers’ loss to Portland, without Westbrook, is a testament to the team’s problems and the possibility of not even making the playoffs this season.